Innovation Beats Commodity: Next Generation Colocation Management

Innovation Beats Commodity: Next Generation Colocation Management

The colocation market is in a state of flux. Dynamic change is the only constant, with competition fierce and customer expectations rising. Operators need to set themselves apart from the competition, boost customer satisfaction, secure new income streams, and achieve greater cost efficiency – all at the same time. Many are extending their business models beyond retail customers to serve hyperscalers. New players, such as network operators, are entering the arena, consolidation is gathering pace, and global competition is heating up.

Space, Power, and Cooling Are No Longer Enough

As space and power have been commoditized, colocation providers must differentiate with new products and compelling services in order to stand out in today’s hyper-competitive market. In addition to stability and security, operators must offer innovative network connections, deliver connectivity services fast and efficiently, and provide a state-of-the-art data platform to handle management. Building faster, carving out a distinctive profile, and reducing costs all require a central network and asset database from which teams can plan, manage, and document the network and communications infrastructure.

Next Generation Colocation Management

Modern tools like the Command Platform of FNT Software, DDA’s new partner since February 2022, help colocation providers stand out in a crowded market. It focusses on three aspects that are critical to optimizing colocation performance and customer loyalty.

  1. Connect services: plan, implement, and document network connections faster
  2. Connect data: facilitate identifying, aggregating, and processing data from all locations, thereby giving colocation tenants and operators full transparency into costs and environmental conditions, all at the touch of a button
  3. Connect customers: give customers the ability to obtain data on the resources they are using whenever and wherever they want

Download FNT’s white paper to learn how various colocation operators from around the world have implemented FNT’s solution, to meet customer demands and set themselves apart from global competition.

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