DCONGREEN and EkkoSense join the DDA

DCONGREEN and EkkoSense join the DDA

EkkoSense – the global leader in AI-driven software optimization for data center environments – is now a part of the DDA along with its local integration partner DCONGREEN.

Based in Antwerp and headed up by Johan Claes, DCONGREEN implements sustainability and efficiency solutions to support data center & telecom operators with their sustainability roadmap, particularly in relation to the EU 2030 targets.

DCONGREEN offers expert integration of the EkkoSoft Critical data center monitoring solution – with its proven record of reducing energy cooling costs by up to 30%. A new video about the solution (45 sec) is available here for a rapid introduction into the solution’s many benefits.

The partnership has also released a White Paper outlining how EkkoSense delivers proven machine learning and AI benefits for the M&E space to resolve what appear to be two potentially conflicting demands in the data center space: supporting escalating workloads while cutting their carbon usage at the same time.

The White Paper can be found here


DCONGREEN’s owner Johan Claes said: “EkkoSoft Critical distinguishes itself from traditional DCIM and CFID offerings because it provides organizations with a true real-time visualization of their data center’s thermal, capacity and power performance. Its ability to track the impact of any changes on capacity or cooling energy saving has the potential to unlock significant cooling energy savings – providing an impressive ROI that will be attractive to our customers across the Benelux region.

“Joining the DDA as a partnership seemed like a natural progression as our business operations expand and adoption of EkkoSense solutions extends across the region. We are now closer to the Dutch data centers to support them with the most intuitive and cost-effective AI driven thermal optimization solution for critical live environments. Both Syed Akhtar from EkkoSense and I will be attending the upcoming Green Data Center event in Rotterdam on the 14th of October and would love to have introductory meetings with industry colleagues at the show – particularly from organizations with older data center installations, where the opportunities for performance optimization are significant,” continued Johan.


Syed Akhtar, EMEA Director of Sales at EkkoSense added: “I’ve spent the last ten years driving sales of software solutions that help organizations to plan, manage and optimize their data center performance – but there’s always been something missing until now. With its powerful software, EkkoSense offers the key differentiator that data center operations teams have been asking for: the ability to find out what’s actually happening across their critical facilities in real-time. Unlike traditional DCIM tools and CFD approaches, EkkoSense delivers not only the real-time insights into performance, but also clear, prioritized recommendations detailing how teams can reduce thermal risk, release stranded capacity and save cooling energy. I look forward to demonstrating the solution’s power to members of the DDA.”


The DDA is glad to welcome DCONGREEN and EkkoSense to its network, says Stijn Grove Managing Director of the Dutch Data Center Association. “The partnership with EkkoSense and DCONGREEN is a great addition to our network. One of the key priorities for most organizations is increased efficiency and sustainable operations. Monitoring data center performance is a first step to achieve this. We think it will be interesting for our network to learn more about the services offered by DCONGREEN and EkkoSense.”



About EkkoSoft Critical
EkkoSoft Critical enables true real-time M&E Capacity Planning for power, cooling and space – at a fraction of the cost of expensive and complex DCIM solutions. Our powerful advanced software analytics draws on EkkoSoft Critical’s real-time data to help maximise your data center performance. Read more…


DCONGREEN’s mission is to co-create a sustainable digital infrastructure. The company takes a holistic approach at this by looking both at the data center building and the IT load of the building. One of the solutions in the portfolio is EkkoSense, a software-driven optimization tool of data center cooling infrastructure, based on an AI/ML engine and smart sensors.

About EkkoSense:
EkkoSense is an industry leader in the provision of advanced sensing technology, SaaS DCIM-class visualisation & monitoring software and analytics solutions for critical facilities such as data centres. The company is committed to eliminating thermal risk and helping organisations to monitor, manage and maximise their data centre performance.

Follow EkkoSense on Twitter: @ekkosenseUK


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