Zumtobel: The right LED lighting solutions for tomorrow’s Data Center

Zumtobel: The right LED lighting solutions for tomorrow’s Data Center

Data Centers are evolving with developers constantly pushing boundaries, looking at new ways to innovate technology and services within a virtual world.

Zumtobel Group shares these core values. Innovation is the key driver for our products, technologies, services and business processes, Zumtobel’s strength is born from our unrelenting commitment to industry leading research and development. As we all know LED has an extremely long life, low carbon emissions and excellent light quality. Though in terms of a truly efficient lighting solution, our answer lies in the correct combination of luminaires, smart controls, sensors and central battery system to achieve optimal working conditions in a Data Center environment. In our ‘Light for Data Centers’ brochure we give you a brief overview of the right lighting solutions for Data Centers, and how we deliver these turnkey solutions in a sustainable way.

Download the brochure here

or download the Dutch version here

With The Netherlands being a multi- Data Center hub, Zumtobel has had the opportunity to gain relevant experience locally in several multinational projects. Our partnership with the Dutch Data Center Organization is therefore no surprise!

We are always open to share our knowledge and support you in the world of Data Center lighting, in order to achieve your goals.

If you may have any questions or would like to have more information, please feel free to get in touch with Ryan Willems, who is our local Data Center expert.

t: +31613203920


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