Sustainable Leadership in Action: Schleifenbauer’s Packaging-Free Delivery to ProRail

Sustainable Leadership in Action: Schleifenbauer’s Packaging-Free Delivery to ProRail

In an extraordinary move towards sustainability, Tycho Matheusen and Maarten van Klompenburg proudly delivered 30 Schleifenbauer Power Distribution Units (PDUs) to ProRail today. What makes this delivery so exceptional? It is entirely packaging-free, and this custom-developed initiative is the result of Schleifenbauer’s flexibility and commitment to its clients’ environmental goals.

By: The Schleifenbauer Team

These PDUs embarked on a secure journey, nestled in a carefully designed transport rack to ensure their flawless arrival at the data center. Once on-site, the installation followed a packaging-neutral approach—a powerful testament to Schleifenbauer’s unique ability to respond quickly and flexibly to customer needs and sustainability ambitions. From concept to execution, this initiative took only a few weeks, a speed and flexibility unmatched by any other PDU manufacturer.

A heartfelt shout-out to Michel Weelink, Jasper van Wijngaarden, Gidion Derksen, Rob V., and Daniël Resoort, whose crucial roles contributed to achieving this eco-friendly milestone.

This accomplishment not only represents a successful delivery but also serves as an inspiration for ProRail in their sustainability journey. Schleifenbauer is more than just a supplier; it is a pioneer in green entrepreneurship.

Environmentally Friendly Innovation

Schleifenbauer doesn’t just provide reliable power distribution; it goes a step further with a display of environmentally friendly logistical innovation. The packaging-free approach is a conscious choice to reduce ecological footprint and set a green example.

Collaboration and Recognition

Special thanks to Tim Jonkers and Daroni Logistics for their flexible service. Warm appreciation also goes to NorthC Datacenters Nederland for their hospitality and T-Systems International for the seamless collaboration.

For more in-depth information about these sustainable solutions, we invite readers to get in touch with Schleifenbauer Products BV:


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