KickStart Europe 2020 expands to 1.000 attendees and adds ‘Edge’ as one of main topics

KickStart Europe 2020 expands to 1.000 attendees and adds ‘Edge’ as one of main topics

The Annual Digital Infrastructure Investment, Strategy & Networking Conference, held on January 27 & 28 in RAI Amsterdam focuses on the Data Center, Cloud, Connectivity ànd Edge ecosystems.


Digital Infrastructure has momentum; business is flourishing, demand for data and connectivity is growing and exciting technologies such as 5G, AI and ML are on the brink of becoming mainstream. Which places digital infrastructure for a dilemma; how to separate business from buzz? The KickStart Europe conference right at the start of the year provides the latest trends and connections to the right investments in the European digital infrastructure. The summit gives the expected 1.000 attendees a great KickStart of 2020.

The third edition of the Strategy & Networking Conference KickStart Europe will return to Amsterdam and to the RAI Convention Center at the beginning of 2020. Right in the heart of Europe, Amsterdam is easy to travel to, and the RAI Convention Center provides the summit with room to grow: around 1.000 C-level executives from over 20+ countries will attend the strategy and networking summit focused on European trends and investments in data centers, connectivity networks, cloud and the role edge plays in the ‘new’ colocation.

Partners of KickStart Europe 2020

The KickStart Europe organization is very proud to already announce that before the official start of the campaign, 15 of our last-year partners will rejoin us at the 2020-conference. Founding partners CBRE, NIBC, Unica, Vertiv, Caransa, ICTroom, AC Niellsen and AgriportA7-Hollands Kroon-Investment Agency NHN join us again next year. Other partners from the industry that return in 2020 are RoviSys, Stulz, Beveco, maincubes, ABB, Socomec and Elinex.

“KickStart Europe is organized by the industry, for the industry. The strong support from these industry leaders is therefore very important for the conference, that thrives on a strong and diverse network. These long-term, strategic partnerships support us in building the perfect meeting place for the industry right at the start of the year”, says Stijn Grove, Managing Director of Digital Gateway to Europe and initiator of KickStart Europe.

KickStart Europe 2020 takes place on Monday January 27 (Welcome Reception) and Tuesday January 28 (Conference Day) at RAI Amsterdam. Tickets will be available soon.

For more information, or to become a partner of KickStart Europe, see or reach out via

About KickStart Europe

KickStart Europe is an initiative by Digital Gateway to Europe. Digital Gateway to Europe is an Amsterdam-based promotion and research company which focuses on data hubs and the development of the European data center market. Digital Gateway to Europe organizes the KickStart Europe conference at the start of the year, to bring the global digital infrastructure industry together.

We are an independent organization created by the industry, for the industry. Supported by businesses and organizations from the digital infrastructure: data centers, Internet Exchanges, cloud providers and connectivity providers.

Digital Gateway to Europe
Abcouderstraatweg 46
1105 AA Amsterdam
The Netherlands
t: +31203037860
Twitter: @KickStartEur


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