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Data centers offer enormous employment opportunities. In the Netherlands alone, around 11.000 people work in and around data centers. Due to increasing digitisation, employment opportunities will continue to grow in the years to come. Due to 24×7 operations and growing internet traffic, it’s essential for datacenters to have access to qualified personnel to secure our digital economy and prosperity.

To reduce the shortage of technical personnel, we initiated a number of educational data center programs. In collaboration with vocational schools (MBO), two technical data center modules are being set-up to educate young students. In addition, a Data Center College is in the making to retrain job seekers. Finally, we work closely together with fellow EU educational professionals to set a European standard in data center curricula. All educational programs are fully supported by the industry through knowledge sharing, data center tours and guest lectures.

Together with educational and industry partners, we commit strongly to guiding digital and technical talent in life long learning in data centers. This way, we can facilitate further growth of our digital economy, and we can safeguard our position as Digital Gateway to Europe.

DDA Activities

  • Setting up vocational courses for data centers
  • Secure the industry certification
  • Facilitating data center tours and internships for schools and students
  • Promoting diversity and inclusion in the industry
  • Informing and enthusing young talent
  • Promoting diversity in the sector

Our positions

The labor market changes faster than ever before. Meanwhile, the process of setting up or renewing educational programs is a rather slow process. In order to adapt to the changing needs of the market, the government must enable more flexibility in the educational system. By doing so, we can educate youngsters for the jobs of the future and meet the demands of the dynamic labour market.

There is an enormous gap when it comes to the supply and demand of technically trained people. To build a bridge between education and labout market, we must switch to a more hybrid way of education, where the industry is actively involved in (regional) education. For example, by helping schools to keep the curricula up-to-date, by providing internship opportunities and by guest lecturing. To accelerate this transformation in education, active (financial) support from the government is essential.

Working for data centers offers excellent career opportunities. With the increasing importance of the internet, the data center industry and its demand for (technical) talent grows rapidly. To make talent aware of the opportunities in this industry, we must actively promote the various jobs and career paths. As there is a general shortage on technical staff, it is essential to target groups that are currently underrepresented. For example, there lies an enormous potential in enthusing young girls and women and also in educating underprivileged young people. Furthermore, people from other industries that aspire a job in the digital industry are welcomed with open arms.

There is a huge labor shortage in the digital and technical professions. We must take immediate action. Many companies resolve the problem by hiring well-trained staff from abroad. To support them in this, it is necessary to ensure that free movement within the European Union remains as freely as possible. For example, by liberating the rules on the free movement of skilled workers as much as possible. In addition, we must continue to position ourselves as “Digital Gateway to Europe”, so that it becomes attractive for digital and technical talent to get started in the Netherlands.

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Pim Kokke

Policy Officer Education & Employment

E: pim@dutchdatacenters.nl
T: +31 6 39 12 56 11


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