DDA publishes market report ‘The Fact of the Matter’ during National Data Center Day

DDA publishes market report ‘The Fact of the Matter’ during National Data Center Day

Amsterdam, 13-06-2023 – Dutch Data Center Association (DDA), the trade association for data centers in the Netherlands, has published the annual ‘State of the Dutch Data Centers’ report during National Data Center Day. The first printing of the ninth edition was handed over live at Interconnect’s data center in Eindhoven.

Data centers ensure that everyone can use the internet and the cloud every day. But how exactly does a data center work? These questions and more were addressed today during National Data Center Day, an initiative by Dutch Data Center Association (DDA). Data centers across the Netherlands opened their doors to visitors today, allowing them to see for themselves what the source of the internet and cloud is.

Presentation of market report State of the Dutch Data Centers

True to tradition, DDA publishes the State of the Dutch Data Centers report during National Data Center Day. The annual market report is one of the leading studies of the Dutch data center market and contains information on trends and developments in the sector. The report is widely read worldwide and in the Netherlands every year and brings the data center sector to the attention of business, government and society.

The report was handed over by Stijn Grove, Managing Director of the Dutch Data Center Association to Rob Stevens, CEO of Interconnect, at Interconnect’s data center in Eindhoven.

The Fact of the Matter

One of the conclusions of the report is that colocation data centers will occupy 792,000 square meters of Dutch business parks (including offices and outdoor space) by 2023. 71.9% of these data centers are located in the Amsterdam Metro Region (MRA).

The growth of data center white space in 2023 has mainly been visible in regions outside the MRA. However, data centers in the MRA expect this growth to pick up again in the coming years. The study also shows that, both in Amsterdam and beyond, getting access to sufficient power is the biggest challenge.

The study also concludes that colocation data centers continue to grow in number and that ‘on-premise’ IT spaces continue to decline sharply. This is a positive development for the further efficiency and sustainability of our data use.

With the theme ‘The Fact of the Matter’, the trade association wants to point out that reporting on the sector is of great importance and that these facts should be the starting point for the discussion around data centers. Despite the fact that several figures and reports are already available on data centers, including those published by the International Energy Agency (IEA) and Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), the sector often faces subjective and negative perceptions. “We will continue to push for a nuanced picture of the sector and hope that the figures and facts speak for themselves and demonstrate the importance of the sector,” said Stijn Grove.

Download the report for free now

You can now download the latest edition of the State of the Dutch Data Centre Report here


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