Sector organization releases overview of data centers in Netherlands

Sector organization releases overview of data centers in Netherlands

On Wednesday, January 18th, the Dutch Data Center Association will publish its latest up-to-date edition of the Data Center Guide. This guide presents all participants of the DDA, and therefore more than 90% of the Dutch data center sector. These participants, including retail/wholesale colocation and hyperscale data centers, are considered the foundation of our digital society.

The role of digital infrastructure in times of crisis

After all COVID measures were lifted, on February 24th, 2022, war broke out in Europe for the first time in 78 years. The digital infrastructure, including data centers, was faced with a new challenge in the form of an energy crisis and Russian influence. Data centers are essential in periods of uncertainty and instability for individuals, the economy, and society. And now, it is clear that data centers are taking responsibility in this global crisis.

In the entire digital infrastructure, themes such as cybersecurity, sovereignty, and sustainability are a priority. Especially now that energy is a scarce resource, it is important that the sector provides its services in the most sustainable way possible. Fortunately, we see that the sector has already taken many steps in the right direction in this area. For example, figures from the CBS show that the energy consumption of data centers in the Netherlands is only 0.38% of total consumption. Furthermore, the annual State of the Dutch Center report shows that 90% of our participants purchase their electricity sustainably.

Up-to-date overview of Dutch data centers

In the Data Center Guide 2023, the data centers that make our digital economy possible are examined and DDA participants present their own services. The guide is also a manual and reference for everything related to data centers.

The guide can be downloaded for free here.


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