Waterfall Security joins as a DDA partner

Waterfall Security joins as a DDA partner

Waterfall Security provides unbreachable security solutions that keep the world’s most important industries and data centers running. Our innovative IT/OT integration technology guarantees safe, secure, and reliable operations, protecting against both today’s cybersecurity challenges and those yet to come.

The DDA is an important voice in the Dutch and European Data Center community. Data centers are a key part of society and many countries are considering or even have already classified them as national critical infrastructure. With Waterfall’s European HQ located in Amsterdam, they look forward to taking part in the ongoing discussions around data center policy, standard, and regulation, particularly as they pertain to cyber protection on data center infrastructure.

“Data centers continue to grow in their role of keeping society functioning. Waterfall’s European offices in Amsterdam look forward to contributing toward the ongoing discussions about data center policy, especially where it pertains to cyber protections for data center infrastructure”, explains Ran Pedhazur, Chief Operating Office (COO) of Waterfall Security.

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