Schleifenbauer moves to a new location

Schleifenbauer moves to a new location

Schleifenbauer moved to a new facility in ‘s-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands at the end of August. “The new location at Het Sterrenbeeld 52 signifies not only a physical shift but also a shift in the company’s mindset. Thanks to its strategic location overlooking the A2 highway and proximity to Interconnect’s new data and cloud center, they find themselves in a unique position to leverage digital advancements.”

This transition isn’t just a physical one; it represents a mental and operational shift as well. Schleifenbauer proudly shares the success of their initial production runs of advanced configurable power distribution units (PDUs) in their modern new facility. These PDUs, the result of thoughtful development and precision, set a new standard for flexibility, quality, and reliability in data centers.

Expanding Capacity
The new facility, now three times larger than its predecessor, offers not only more space but also greater capabilities. Additionally, a second, even more advanced laser machine will soon be introduced, further increasing production capacity.

Growth as the Driving Force

Their focus isn’t limited to internal improvements; they are also looking externally for growth. Attracting new talent, individuals who believe in Schleifenbauer’s vision and dedication, is a crucial step. It reflects their commitment to continuous improvement and their determination to stay one step ahead.
A Future-Focused Mission
With the opening of their new factory, Schleifenbauer is poised to play a crucial role in the evolution of data centers and tomorrow’s technology.


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