FUJIFILM Object Archive and Tape: Our Back-Up Wash Service Guarantees Data Security

FUJIFILM Object Archive and Tape: Our Back-Up Wash Service Guarantees Data Security

As a trusted high-tech and IT partner, Bluetron assembles high-tech systems and data centres and is able to execute each phase of their life cycle optimally. This includes repair and maintenance, refurbishment, remanufacturing, reuse, and recycling. Bluetron provides sustainable profitability, quality, and risk mitigation in three digital domains: Electronics, IT-Infra and Data.

The Challenge

“We were searching for a software which could support a long retention period and a way to prevent vendor-lock-in.” – Edwin Theunisse, Business Consultant

The idea was born out of the reoccurring news that the number of ransomware attacks on companies is continuously increasing. Bluetron, as a data centre, was looking for a data storage solution for their customers – as solid as an offline vault but still very proactive, flexible, and easy to use. The tailor-made solution Fujifilm and Bluetron developed in cooperation enables Bluetron to offer customers their patented 100% Data Guarantee solution.

The Solution

The unique solution feature is that data stored on tape can be checked for viruses and versioned, which means it’s replaced by older versions if infected. Based on Bluetron’s idea, Fujifilm developed a backup-wash-service, which checks data for viruses before it’s saved on tape. The whole process is coordinated by a master control program. The data is then stored on FUJIFILM Object Archive as the storage back-end. Every time a file is changed at the client’s site, the appliance front-end sends a newer version to Bluetron. The previous version is stored in the FUJIFILM Object Archive system. This means that if a virus is found in the latest version of a file, FUJIFILM Object Archive is used to retrieve the older version of the file and scan that version. This implies a very long retention period at the file level.

To protect their customers’ data as much as possible, another appliance front-end is installed at Bluetron, which replicates data to Fujifilm’s high-security datacentre, where a copy of the data is stored with an air-gap, disconnected from any network. The customized solution ensures that Bluetron’s clients are quickly operational again after a ransomware attack, with their IT and operational data fully screened for malware and viruses with the latest definitions. By storing data on tape using FUJIFILM Object Archive, Bluetron is equipped to provide its customers with the security and reliability required.

Innovative Data Storage Solution

01        Data is received from a hard disk environment, via the appliance front-end at the customer’s site.

02        Whenever there is an update on the anti-virus definitions, the system will automatically restore the latest dataset from tape and rescan the data to find potential threats that were not previously discovered.

03        If the result doesn’t show any signs of a virus, this data is stored on tape on Bluetron’s storage system with FUJIFILM Object Archive.

04        At the same time, the data is sent to Fujifilm’s high-security datacentre where it is stored on tape.

After Fujifilm has imported all of the data, Bluetron receives a signal that the storage process is complete. The customer will be notified about the 100% Data Guarantee via the appliance front-end once the above-mentioned process is successfully carried out.

05        When data recall is requested, the data will be scanned with the latest virus definitions using Backup Wash.

06        The data is safely recalled to the customer.

“The reason for choosing the FUJIFILM Object Archive software was not only made on price, but on the total solution we built together with the team. Fujifilm’s sales and technical teams were very creative and flexible in getting our total solution built. The support from Fujifilm was professional and flexible and the installation of the OA system was without any big hiccups. The collaboration was and is very pleasant.”
Ronald Niënhaus, Strategic Growth Manager

FUJIFILM Object Archive

FUJIFILM Object Archive is a data management software that can also perform storage system management made specifically for long-term data preservation and data protection. It is a completely independent solution based on open-source software, which prevents customers from using a proprietary tape format. Our self-describing tape format and vendor neutral approach simplify future compatibility.

FUJIFILM Object Archive software addresses the increasing needs for a sustainable storage tier for infrequently accessed cold data residing on flash or disk-based storage platforms and reduces overall storage costs. This software can also be used to increase data protection by moving data to tape which can be taken off-line and off-site, for complete, air-gapped protection against malware threats or any type of disaster.

FUJIFILM Object Archive software enables interaction of the rapidly growing amount of data with tape storage systems, creating a sustainable and secure data archiving strategy.

If you like to learn more about our tape-based solutions, please visit us at Kickstart 2024, on February 26 & 27 at the Amsterdam RAI!


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