First Danish Data Center Certification for the Re-use of Residual Heat Awarded to Penta Infra

First Danish Data Center Certification for the Re-use of Residual Heat Awarded to Penta Infra

Amsterdam, 29 September 2021 – The Penta Infra colocation datacenter in Glostrup, Denmark, is the first datacenter in the country that received certification for the re-use of residual heating. A heat pump converts 33% of the heat generated by the server capacity into hot water, which is added to the local water grid for the heating of homes in the Copenhagen Metropolitan area. The certification process was conducted by TIDA, part of the Danish Datacenter Industry (DDI) association, which aims to integrate datacenters as part of Denmark’s National Strategy for digitalization and sustainability.

Around Europe, the demand for data storage and bandwidth near urban areas is growing. The colocation datacenters that facilitate this demand are important drivers in the energy transition. The internet-of-things and smart devices are necessary tools to increase efficient energy use, while the digital infrastructure that assist their proliferation can become more energy efficient by feeding back residual heat to the power grid.

Alex Bakker, Partner and Founder at Pentra Infra: “We are very excited to announce that our collaboration with the Danish grid to feed back the residual heat of our Glostrup datacenter is the first project of its kind to receive certification from the Danish Datacenter Industry association. This is a great example of Penta Infra’s continuous efforts to maximise the energy efficiency of our datacenters and decrease our environmental footprint. At all of our locations we invest in smart energy solutions, solar panels and bio-diesel generators and we are happy that the re-use of residual heat is the now the latest certified addition to our toolkit to minimise environmental impact. The TIDA-certification scheme is a confirmation of the push within the sector to set industry standards for energy use, and we are very proud to be the first to receive this certification. We are planning to upgrade and expand the Glostrup datacenter and increase the total capacity of the heat recovery system accordingly.”

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