FNT Supports Colt DCS’ Evolution to a Leading Provider of Hyperscale Data Centers

FNT Supports Colt DCS’ Evolution to a Leading Provider of Hyperscale Data Centers

As a leading provider of software solutions for the integrated management of telecommunications, IT and data center infrastructure, FNT enables more than 500 companies and public authorities to plan, document and manage their passive and active physical, logical and virtual IT, telecommunications and data center infrastructures, from the physical level to business services.

In this article we highlight how FNT helped Colt Data Centre Services’ transform its business and IT architecture.
Colt DCS selected FNT Software in 2014 to replace their homegrown, legacy inventory system. Over the course of five years, Colt DCS and FNT successfully delivered several enhancements to the platform and expanded the DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management), self-service, and data transformation capabilities. The new business strategy required closer relationships with a small number of strategic suppliers, including FNT, to help transform Colt DCS’ business and IT architecture.

FNT and Colt DCS established a comprehensive plan to migrate the FNT platform to a brand-new multi-cloud environment based on Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and leverage the strategic partnerships between both organizations to deliver a secure, scalable platform and a low latency, resilient database. After the entire FNT platform was upgraded, FNT’s mandator functionality was utilized to divide customers into market segments and comply with strategic data privacy requirements without the need to duplicate application platforms provision. Finally, FNT’s functionality was extended to include DCIM, connectivity, and Enterprise IT and provide a consolidated, integrated approach to data center management.
Colt DCS’ IT system performance has significantly improved as a result of implementing FNT’s flexible management software on premise and in the cloud. FNT also provides Colt DCS with automated customer notifications, a major customer-centric development that allows Colt DCS to resolve incidents fast, efficiently, and aligned with a customer’s SLA.

To support the sale of 12 colocation data centers in Europe to Atlas Edge in 2021, Colt DCS performed an extensive amount of data migration and segregation within the FNT platform to allow the acquired businesses to operate. The system now supports dual operations for Colt DCS’ remaining facilities while supporting Atlas Edge sites through a managed service by Colt DCS. Clients have also retained the capability to link the users to their own assets via FNT’s mandator function and Access Control List.

Download FNT’s case study with Colt DCS here to learn more.


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