Eversheds Sutherlands presents NIS2 Guide

Eversheds Sutherlands presents NIS2 Guide

Eversheds Sutherland has released an online NIS2 guide where companies can understand the implementation status of the directive.

The NIS2 Directive, also known as the new version of the Network and Information Security Directive, is a European directive aimed at strengthening cybersecurity throughout the European Union (EU). It aims to help organizations protect themselves from cyber threats and ensure that the EU’s critical infrastructure is more secure and robust.

EU member states must transpose NIS2 into national law by Oct. 17, 2024 – a new standard given the extraterritorial scope and personal liability of governing bodies. Eversheds Sutherland has therefore published a guide in which they share the current implementation status for each member state. In addition, they map out what companies should pay attention to in order to avoid surprises later.

Click here to view the online guide.

DDA white paper: Cyber Awareness

Data centers will need to take measures to protect themselves from cyber attacks. In this white paper, we and our partners explain what the NIS2 directive means for your organization, what the implications are and what steps data centers need to take to become NIS2 compliant.


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