Data Centers & the Circular Economy

The demand for data center services continues to grow as businesses and individuals seek to store and process larger amounts of data. In Data Centers & the Circular Economy, DDA and Sims Lifecycle Services focus on the environmental impact of IT equipment present in data centers and the steps data centers can take towards a circular economy model.

Implementing sustainable practices is a priority for the data center industry. Data centers invest in renewable energy sources and implement energy-efficient technologies to reduce their impact. However, data centers still have plenty of opportunities to minimize their environmental impact concerning the end-of-life treatment of IT equipment.

The circular economy model promotes sustainability and reduces environmental impact. For data centers, it involves design, production, use and disposal of IT hardware. To achieve a circular economy, practices such as refurbishing, repairing, and recycling, should be introduced. With the introduction of reusing and responsible disposal of IT equipment, data centers can reduce their environmental impact.

This white paper includes results from a survey, conducted amongst Dutch data center operators, reflecting the current IT circularity status in the region. Furthermore, the paper illustrates the steps the industry needs to take to become circular.

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Data Centers & the Circular Economy

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