Simac Electronics

Simac Electronics is a leading provider of sustainable products and services for creating and managing digital infrastructures. We understand the complexity and importance of reliable digital infrastructures, which form the backbone of our modern world like no other. With this perspective, we specifically focus on setting up data center infrastructures. By utilizing our knowledge and years of experience, we ensure that our clients are at the forefront of this sector.

Data center infrastructures must meet increasingly high standards. Networks need to be reliable, sustainable, and above all, secure. To achieve this, careful consideration must be given to the correct network setup beforehand. We assist you in making the right choices. With a diverse portfolio from various partners and suppliers, we ensure that our clients can be confident that they are using the best network components, systems, and innovations. Our logistics team then ensures that everything is delivered at precisely the right time and place.

Our portfolio comprises, among others:
• Fiber optic management systems
• Fiber optic cabling
• Direct GPS-over-Fiber (time management)
• Fiber optic matrix switches
• Automated Infrastructure Management (AIM)
• Test and measurement equipment

At our company, team spirit and technology go hand in hand. At Simac, we call this Teamnology. Thus, we are more than a supplier of network components. With a team of experienced design engineers, we can work closely with clients, understand their unique needs, and deliver tailor-made solutions. Moreover, we even transfer our knowledge through the Teamnology Academy. This training program is especially developed to enhance the knowledge of network administrators, so you can continue to rely on your network. In this way, we all contribute to the reliability and sustainability of digital infrastructures in the Benelux.

Simac Electronics is your partner in innovation and sustainability, focused on creating a reliable, safe, and efficient digital infrastructure that is future-proof.

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