We are Kenter. The driving force behind a changing, innovative and collaborative energy market. From our 5 locations (Amsterdam, Leeuwarden, Duiven, Ridderkerk, Eindhoven) Kenter offers products, services and solutions that ensure the energy security and sustainable progress of datacenters in the Netherlands. Not by talking about it, but by doing it. That is our strength. We have the experience, the manpower, the knowledge and the resources. We don’t just come up with advice and ideas. We also make them happen.

We help you to ensure a safe and reliable energy infrastructure. Our professionals have been represented at data centers for years for management and maintenance (O&M). In case of plant and transformer failures (oil and cast resin up to 3150kVA), we are ready 24/7 with our fault service and stock. We support you with installation responsibility high voltage and/or professional maintenance and inspections, such as cable, thermography and partial discharge measurements. For data centers, we can also perform grid studies, analyzing the critical points, capacity and safety of your energy infrastructure. And through facility-based grid management (GDS and FNB), we provide your data center with small-scale private grid acquisition and management capabilities.

Whatever challenge you face, we will help you with a suitable solution so that you can move forward. From infrastructure to energy storage, from metering services to maintenance, from financing to partnerships and from data management to insight and advice. You can count on the expertise of more than 500 professionals.



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Dijkgraaf 4, Duiven, 6921RL

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Postbus 4, Duiven, 6920AA

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