DC People

DC People is a staffing agency specialized in datacenter personnel founded by a number of entrepreneurs with a background in securing, designing, building and managing datacenters. The common goal was to find the most talented people for a niche sector where skilled personnel is scarce.

The services consist of staffing direct-deployable personnel, recruitment and the supply of specialized teams on a project basis.

DC People has recruited, trained and delivered a lot of new talent to the datacenter industry in recent years. The company creates value for its clients by using its industry knowledge, experience and its network within the datacenter landscape to find and hire the right professionals.

DC People is a company that is easy to do business with. A selective hiring policy is applied, and a lot is invested in personal development. The size and culture of the company including the involvement of its employees makes DC People very effective.

Ever since its foundation in 2015 a deliberate choice has been made to fulfill the role of a quality player. The SNA standard (NEN 4400-1) makes DC People a reliable business partner and limits the risks regarding chain liability. With this, DC People contributes to keeping the labor market healthy.


DC People

Boeing Avenue 222, Schiphol-Rijk, 1119 PN

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