Systemec ​​is a full-service Internet Service Provider (ISP) and System Integrator with its own data centers in the Netherlands and Germany.

Since 1997, Systemec ​​has been offering advanced solutions for internet access, secure connections and related (customized) solutions.

It focuses on involvement, customization, high reliability and a high service level (SLA).

With three data centers spread across the border region in the Netherlands and Germany, Systemec ​​offers unrivaled premium data center services. A unique element is that all three data centers have been realized according to the highest possible security standards with physically separated power and internet connections. In the event of a failure or failure of the power network or internet traffic in the Netherlands, the German infrastructure can be used.

A result of this is that the Systemec ​​Datacenters infrastructure can be classified as TIER 3+. We offer fully redundant energy supply, cooling facilities and internet connections.


Systemec ​​has been qualified as a Care Service Provider (ZSP) since 2010, nowadays called GZN under the VZVZ flag (previously under Nictiz). In addition to that, Systemec ​​is ISO27001 certified. The scope of the certification is: design, construction, management and operations from own data centers in the Netherlands and Germany of data center services (Co-location), Networking (Data communication and IP services) and Internet Services (Private Cloud, VMWare services, Mail- environment, Web-based services, VoIP services and security solutions).


Systemec Datacenters DC 19

Marinus Dammeweg 19, Venlo, 5928 PW

Systemec Datacenters DC 25

Marinus Dammeweg 25, Venlo, 5928 PW

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