Penta Infra

European network, Dutch roots

Penta Infra is a fast-growing Dutch provider of edge data centres in Europe, with 11 strategically located and carrier-neutral sites in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Denmark. This enables our customers to always be close to their users. In the Netherlands and across the border. We are known for always going the extra mile. With our modern data centres in terms of sustainability, security and innovation, and also in the relationship with our customers.

Flexible colocation partner

New services, rapid growth or expanding into a new market: a business is always on the move. When your data needs change, you need a flexible data centre partner who can facilitate this. At Penta Infra, we understand this, which is why flexibility and scalability are central to our services. In addition, our colocation data centres are always carrier-neutral with a choice of network providers and are connected to major internet exchanges such as AMS-IX and public cloud providers.

Smart use of energy

Data traffic and storage are an important part of daily life and this will only increase in the future. As a result, data centres will play an increasingly important role in society. At Penta Infra, we see it as our responsibility not only to provide reliable services, but also to do so as sustainably as possible. Naturally, all our data centres use 100% green power, we invest continuously in increasing energy efficiency and, where possible, we give our energy a second life in the form of returning heat to the local heating network. A good example of this is our data centre in Copenhagen, which won an award for most sustainable data centre project in 2022.


Penta Infra LEE01

François Haverschmidtwei 3, Leeuwarden, 8914 BC

Penta Infra LEE02

Archimedesweg 3, Leeuwarden, 8912 AK

Penta Infra GLN01

Transportlaan 100, Geleen, 6163 CX

Penta Infra AMS01

A. Hofmanweg 1, Haarlem, 2031 BH

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