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DDA believes that collaboration is the best way to move forward. It connects participants, partners and interest groups in the Netherlands and beyond. Furthermore, the DDA closely collaborates with Digital Gateway to Europe, which promotes the Netherlands as an international data hub.

On behalf of this community, we always look for collaborations in a broad coalition. For example, we actively work with the government on a regional and national level, with schools in order to accelerate educational innovation, with international trde associations to grow on a European scale and finally, we work together with operators to ensure that the digital sector can continue to grow continuously and sustainably through a well designed power network. Below we listed an overview of these collaborations.

The internet is indispensable in our daily lives, digitization is everywhere and the digital economy has become the economy of the Netherlands. This lightning-fast transition also means changes in regulations. It is therefore important that the government allocates time and space for new digital developments. An adequate digital infrastructure is an important factor for companies in choosing to establish in the Netherlands and serves as a precondition for the international competitive position of the Netherlands. In addition, technologies such as 5G, Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications require a robust infrastructure for the digital society. An essential sector, therefore, where we must continue to stimulate growth and development and for which future-proof legislation is needed.

Spatial National Data Center Strategy

The Dutch Data Center Association is in contact with many government institutions on regional and national level to ensure that the regulations regarding data centers and its ecosystem run as smoothly as possible. For example, the National Data Center Strategy has been working with the Ministry of Internal Affairs for some time through the Implementation Program of the Spatial Economic Development Strategy (REOS). A strategy that coordinates the spatial layout of data centers. Furthermore, as DDA we work together with the government on all our themes:

  • Power & Sustainability;
    As a representative of the data center industry, the DDA is working actively with policy makers at all levels to make the industry more sustainable and efficient. Every year the DDA organizes a Sustainability Conference, in the field of data center residual heat, innovation and energy efficiency, in order to speed up developments in this area.

    Read here about our views on Energy & Sustainability.

  • Education and Employment
    Finding sufficient qualified personnel is one of the biggest challenges facing the Dutch data center industry. That is why the DDA is in regular contact with all kinds of (semi-) government institutions that are involved in education. With the common goal of inspiring future employees for a job in IT or Technology.

    Read more about our positions on Education & Employment.

  • Digital Economy & Mainport
    An adequate digital infrastructure is an important factor for the establishment of companies and contributes to the international competitive position of the Netherlands: 20% of all foreign investments currently relate to the digital sector, and data centers at the national level contribute 1 billion annually to the GDP. It is therefore an essential sector whose growth and development we must continue to promote. The DDA is therefore in contact with the Minister of Economic Affairs and regional development companies.

    Read more about our views on Digital Economy & Mainport.

The DDA is committed to enthusing, informing, training and retraining new talent. Together with the data center industry, educational institutions and governments. This way, we ensure that there is sufficient workforce available to let the data center sector grow – and therefore the digital economy of the Netherlands. The sector is always looking for technically & digitally trained staff who want to work in this future-proof industry!

Tech College & Job Fair data center

Because the sector is always looking for new talent, the DDA organizes the Data Center Tech College & Job Fair (DTC), which mostly focuses on MBO and HBO institutions.

DTC is an excellent event for tech enthusiasts to learn about the data center sector and to find a future internship or job. Do you want to be kept informed of upcoming editions of the DDA Datacenter Tech College & Career Fair? Or does your institution want to participate? Please visit the website www.werkenvoordatacenters.nl (only available in Dutch).

With Amsterdam as a digital leader and large hyperscale and colocation data centers throughout the country, a sector organization is not unneeded. Other European countries also have associations that represent their data centers or digital sector. Examples are TechUK, Host in Ireland, Danish Data Center Industry and Invest in Norway. Europe also has an umbrella organization called EUDCA.

In January 2019, the DDA organized a meeting for all European trade associations. During the meeting the organizations discussed their personal objectives and plans for the future, but also discussed the obstacles of the sector and possible collaborations. This meeting will be organized at various locations in the coming years.

Overview of all National Trade Associations in Europe:

  • Denmark – Danish Data Center Industry 
  • EU – EUDCA/Bureau Brussels 
  • Equinix – Global Public Policy Director 
  • Finland – Finnish Data Center Forum
  • Germany – German Data Center Association 
  • Germany – ECO
  • Ireland – Host in Ireland 
  • Norway – ICT Norway/Invest in Norway 
  • Netherlands – Dutch Data Center Association 
  • Poland – Polish Data Center Association 
  • Sweden – The Swedish Data Centre Industry 
  • UK – TechUK 
  • UK – Host in Scotland 
  • France – France Datacenter 
  • Belgium – Agoria

It is clear that data centers cannot run without power. Network operators such as Vattenfall, Tennet and Liander supply this electricity and the associated electricity networks. The data centers form a large concentration regarding energy consumption and this consumption is reinforced by the emergence of clusters of data centers, such as in Amsterdam. These clusters have a major impact on power networks and substations. After all, these networks were never designed with data centers in mind.

In order to continue to provide data centers with power in the future, close collaboration between network operators and the Dutch Data Center Association is of great importance. An important objective of the DDA is to support the growth of the power infrastructure. We do this by involvement in critical issues and organizing congresses to get parties together and support the energy transition that we will have to work on together. An energy transition that is necessary for the success of the unstoppable digitization, and vice-versa.

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