Maincubes builds and operates a network of highly available data centers in Europe, which enables secure eco-systems for the digital future of society. Customers and partners of maincubes connect worldwide via the SecureExchange platform and use secure connectivity and cloud services.

Maincubes is more than a classic Data center. We combine technical progress and expert advice with the goal of providing the optimum surroundings for your IT. Fine-tuned technology helps us and our customers to identify the prerequisites for a perfect interplay between the external and the internal world of a Data center. You can rely on European compliance and German thoroughness.

We believe that a Data center in today’s world should offer the possibilities of tomorrow. We take this notion as a basis for the selection of our locations and the development of sustainable concepts for the technical facilities and operation of a Data center. What makes us extraordinary is our service claim: Using innovative software, we create individual solutions for our customers on request.

The benefits for you:

  • Connectivity: Our computer centres are located close to central exchanges and important telecommunications routes.
  • Security: We protect your IT with innovative technology and a 24/7 service plan for our security personnel. German standards of data privacy and company security are strictly adhered to.
  • Total Cost of Ownership: By using energy efficiently, we help you save costs.
  • Technical design: The IT distribution load corresponds to the needs of our customers for high power density and integration.
  • Climate control: Innovative cooling systems create a favourable climate for IT infrastructures. The temperature can be individually regulated based on requirements.
  • Fire prevention: We protect your server environment with cutting-edge fire extinguisher systems.

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maincubes Schiphol-Rijk Capronilaan 2 1119NR Amsterdam