Schleifenbauer Products B.V.

A reliable partner in PDUs since 2008! Schleifenbauer is the only manufacturer in the Netherlands that produces customized power distribution units. Our products are known in the market all over the world under our own Schleifenbauer brand name but also under private label via our OEM partners.

Schleifenbauer sees a PDU as a crucial element in a server room where quality, efficiency and reliability must be the standard. By making no concessions and seamlessly connecting your PDU to the IT infrastructure and the layout of the server rack, you get the most out of your server room, the IT equipment and the PDU. Think of the best security, cable management, comprehensive power management, remotely controllable PDUs and, above all, flexible design choices and compact always-fit PDUs.

By working only with local suppliers, not only is our carbon footprint as small as possible, it also gives us the opportunity to be independent from scarcity in the raw materials market, to be flexible with sourcing alternatives and to organize procurement as efficiently as possible. We build to order with a lead time of up to 4 weeks from order date.

Schleifenbauer’s engineers are constantly working to improve our PDUs and develop new advanced features. The need for customized power distribution units is great, Schleifenbauer has now produced more than 100,000 different types of customized PDUs, but of course you can also come to Schleifenbauer for standard PDUs. From simple power strips to the most extensive intelligent power distribution solutions, Schleifenbauer has an answer to everything.

Schleifenbauer offers an extensive choice of different types of outlet sockets, fuses, surge protection, differential current measurement, input cables, plugs and suspension options. Energy can be measured in different ways and outlet sockets can be switched remotely. We offer free management software for this purpose. With an RMA rate <0,5%, Schleifenbauer is the most reliable PDU on the market, every component and the total PDU is individually tested. Thus, never a PDU goes out the door that does not meet our highest quality requirements. We offer short lines of communication with our clients and comprehensive service and support. Would you like to know more? Come and take a look at our factory in 's-Hertogenbosch. You can find our contact form here:


Schleifenbauer Products B.V.

Rietwaard 15, 's-Hertogenbosch, 5236 WC

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