Nikhef Housing

Nikhef is the Dutch institute for fundamental research in the field of subatomic physics. As a non-profit, neutral and independent organization Nikhef has also a long tradition in the development of the internet. Nikhef commits itself to playing a role in improving the infrastructure of the internet.

This gave rise to Nikhef housing, a datacenter with focus on connectivity. Nikhef housing is one of the largest Internet hubs in Europe and home to more than 160 parties, including the largest internet exchange AMS-IX, and other internet exchanges NL-IX, ND-IX, as well as telecom operators, carriers, internet service providers and DNS servers.

Nikhef housing is an AMS-IX certified modern, reliable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly data center.  Nikhef housing is powered by 100% green electricity and reuses waste heat for heating of student housing at the Amsterdam Science Park.

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Nikhef Housing

1098 XG Science Park 105, Amsterdam

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