Equinix (Nasdaq: EQIX) connects the world’s leading companies and governments with its customers, employees and partners in more than 180 data centers in more than 40 markets worldwide. In today’s digital economy, where business models are increasingly dependent on each other, interconnection is essential for success. Interconnection brings your people, locations, clouds and data closer together through a secure physical and virtual framework of connections. Equinix operates the only independent, global interconnection platform, which constantly creates new opportunities for companies that are brought together in this way. The result: an extraordinary experience for your users.

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Equinix AM1

1101 EC Luttenbergweg 4, Amsterdam

Equinix AM2

1101 EC Luttenbergweg 4, Amsterdam

Equinix AM3

1098 XH Science Park 610, Amsterdam

Equinix AM4

1098 XH Science Park 610, Amsterdam

Equinix AM5

1105 AT Schepenbergweg 42, Amsterdam

Equinix AM6

1096 AH Duivendrechtsekade 80A, Amsterdam

Equinix AM7

1101 AE Kuiperbergweg 13, Amsterdam

Equinix AM8

1042 AB Gyroscoopweg 2E-F, Amsterdam

Equinix AM11

1101 AH Lemelerbergweg 28, Amsterdam

Equinix EN1

7521 PE Auke Vleerstraat 1, Enschede

Equinix ZW1

8013 RL Telfordstraat 3, Zwolle

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