Data center market in Amsterdam shows 30% growth in 2016

Data center market in Amsterdam shows 30% growth in 2016

De Dutch Datacenter Association (DDA) presents its rapport ‘State of the Dutch Data Centers 2017 – Room for Growth’, which highlights the trends and developments within the Dutch data center sector. The first copy was handed to Kees Verhoeven, a member of the parliament that focuses on –  among others – IT.

Data center market shows steady growth of 17,5%

The report includes an overview of the development of the Dutch data center market over the last 12 months. The growth of data centers continues steadily with a growth rate of 15% in 2016, resulting in a total amount of net multi-tenant data center surface of 283.000m². On average, the Dutch data center market has grown by 17,5% each year over the last six years. In addition to that, another 180.000m² multi-tenant data center floor surface is planned to be built. 98% of this surface will be located in the Amsterdam region.

Stijn Grove, Managing Director of DDA: “The prosperity of the Dutch data center sector is evident. Even still, it’s exceptional how data centers have shown steady growth numbers of more than 10% over the past six years. There basically is no other sector that shows the same steady growth. The growth of the data centers also shows the increased importance of the digital economy. In the upcoming years, it’s essential that the sector, the government and businesses will join forces to further shape a sustainable digital transformation.”

Amsterdam data centers show a historically high take-up

For the first time, Amsterdam region has obtained the European crown, leaving other hubs such as London, Paris and Frankfurt behind. In that sense, 2016 was an exceptionally good year: Amsterdam became the first market in history to have a yearly take-up of 50MW. Demand increases faster than supply when it comes to data center capacity. As such, the 180.000m² of extra data center floor surface that is planned for the upcoming years is more than desired.

Grove: “Amsterdam region shows the highest growth rates: in 2016 we observed a growth of 30%. We have not seen this growth in any other data center hotspot in Europe. In comparison to Amsterdam, regional data centers show smaller growth rates. This partly has to do with the presence of the AMS-IX in Amsterdam, and the high concentration of tech- and media companies in that region. Even so, we expect there to be an increased data floor surface demand on a regional level. This has to do with the emergence of the Internet of Things and the rapidly increasing number of SMEs that outsources its IT to data centers.

The report is downloadable via this link.


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