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GAIA-X Information Webinar

In 2019, a new initiative called GAIA-X was launched in Europe by the various European authorities including Germany and France. GAIA-X is intended to unite cloud and edge services from European providers in a data infrastructure with common rules, standards and technologies.

Organizations participating in GAIA-X must comply with these rules and standards and provide services based on technologies endorsed by all GAIA-X participants. In concrete terms, this means that service providers may (have to) provide certain guarantees about data privacy, localization, the use or non-use of certain technologies for specific purposes, and so on.

What is the current status of this project? And what opportunities does the GAIA-X project have for Dutch data center operators?

16.00-16.05 short intro by Stijn Grove
16.05-16.25 Andreas Weiss – Head of Digital Business Models at eco
16.25-16.45 Jesse Robbers – Senior Business Consultant (Telecom, Internet, Media, HiTech) at TNO

16.45-17.00 Q&A

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