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The most important statistics on data centers

Data centers are the foundation of our digital economy and society. Given our extensive, daily use of online services, the impact of the industry is quite small compared to other industries. Below you find the most important statistics.

Energy usage NL
% of Energy
Emissions CO2 NL
% CO2

In 2020, 3.2 TWh (11.52 PJ) of electricity was supplied to data centers. That is 0.39% of total energy consumption in the Netherlands (2,943 PJ).

Sources (Dutch)
CBS: elektriciteit geleverd aan datacenters 2017-2020
CBS: Energieverbruik Nederland in 2020

The data center sector is a fully electrified industrial sector with hardly any direct greenhouse gas emissions.

Sources (Dutch):
Nederlandse Emissie Autoriteit: cijfers 2013-2020

Water usage NL
% Volume
Business premises NL
% Surface

The total water consumption of the Information & Communication industry – which includes data centers – is 0.9m³: that results in 0.075% of total tap water consumption in the Netherlands.

Source (Dutch):
CBS: Watergebruik bedrijven en particuliere huishoudens, 2021

The built-up area of data centers in the Netherlands is 239 ha. That is 0.3% of the total surface area of Dutch business parks.

Sources (Dutch):
CBS: Bodemgebruik over 2015
College Rijksadviseurs: Advies Verdozing, 2019

CBS: Bebouwing Nederland, 2019
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Green energy purchase
% Data centers NL
Internet Usage per day
% Dutch inhabitants

By 2021, 88% of all energy purchased by commercial (colocation)  data centers came from renewable sources.

DDA: State of the Data Center Report, 2020

Practically all companies are online every day: 83% of Dutch companies with 250+ employees use paid cloud services.

Source (Dutch):
CBS: ICT, kennis en economie 2021 

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