In today’s and tomorrow’s data center industry, where hyperscale facilities have become the new standard and AI continues to conquer the world, achieving the lowest possible Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is essential. With the industry average PUE currently at 1.58, Polyned is committed to pushing this figure even lower. It is well-known that non-IT operations, particularly cooling, significantly impact PUE, accounting for 58% of total energy consumption.

Cooling in data centers involves more than just having the right HVAC systems. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analyses have shown that recirculation of warm air into chillers under various conditions dramatically affects a data center’s PUE. To address this challenge, Polyned has developed the Datex system.

Datex’s innovative design incorporates an additional mesh fabric layer that creates a distinct cold aisle, effectively segregating cold and hot airflows. Our tailored approach analyzes external loads to determine the most effective fabric openness, ensuring minimal load impact and optimal airflow segregation. This makes Datex a superior solution for managing airflows between chillers, providing energy savings, durability, and a lightweight construction.

The lightweight Datex system can be implemented in both new and existing data centers. Polyned manages the entire process from customized design to turnkey installation, ensuring seamless integration into any data center environment. Crucially, data centers can continue to operate during the installation of the Datex system. By improving cooling efficiency, the Datex system helps data centers achieve substantial energy savings and greener operations.

Polyned is at the forefront of textile architecture, crafting solutions characterized by a keen focus on detail, cutting-edge innovation, and a resolute commitment to sustainability. Central to our solutions is the use of technical textiles, enabling us to create unique shapes and structures that enhance complex construction and industrial processes. Operating from our Innovation Center in Steenwijk, the Netherlands, we take control of every phase. From preliminary design through installation and ongoing maintenance.



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