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The data center market is being impacted by digital transformation and the shift to the cloud,with operators seeing their business models affected accordingly. Under pressure from public cloud offerings and customer expectations, data center operators must respond to this reality. Business processes and technical systems need to be efficient and modern, fast and secure, transparent and flexible to meet client demands and handle global competition.


Information, data, their intelligent use and monetization are increasingly becoming a success

factor for companies and their innovative business models. To adopt these new methods, new management solutions that have a clear understanding of how all systems relate to each other are needed. Spreadsheets and old-school stand-alone tools will not provide reliable and transparent insight to support efficient processes.


Since 1994, FNT Software has been a specialist for transparency and processes support. The

FNT Command Platform captures highly complex data centers infrastructures in a uniform

data model – otherwise known as a digital twin. It handles all data, manufacturer independent, from the physical to the business service levels. Based on this digitalized copy of the sites, companies can plan and manage infrastructure more easily, eliminate faults faster, manage transformations and changes more efficiently. Using a standardized modular system of various FNT tools and methods, information from other systems can be easily integrated, analytical evaluations can be performed, processes and workflows can be optimized, and new digital services can be provided efficiently.

More than 500 companies worldwide use FNT Software. The mid-sized company has been

owner-managed and independent since its foundation and has offices at several locations in

Germany, the USA, London, Singapore, and Moscow.


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