Coolrec bv, present in The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany, is one of the largest recycling companies in Europe. As a producer of secondary raw materials, we dare to say that we are a leading company in circular economy. With our dedicated lines we treat all categories of electric and electronic equipment. From cooling appliances up to high value ICT equipment.

Dismantling of data centers
A few key words that belong to dismantling of data centers are: trust, quality, cooperation and sustainability.

Hardware from data centers is regularly replaced for more efficient models. The old hardware must therefore be taken out of operation and dismantled and removed as soon as possible before replacement of the new appliances. Obviously you want as little disruption as possible to the daily process.

Our project manager visits your site to discuss the entire decommissioning with you. He carries out a scan, which is summarized in a project plan. This plan describes which end-of-life servers must be dismantled including which peripheral items (such as ground cabling, UPS) belong to it.

• Dismantling of complex hardware and installations, such as data centers.
• Production of secondary raw materials. Thanks to recycling of electronics, raw materials are recovered and returned into raw material. This makes Coolrec the practical example of Circular Economy. The recovered plastic is upcycled in such a way that it can be made into a 100% recycled grain. This is a sustainable alternative to “virgin” plastics.
• Re-use of high-quality components and devices, mainly from IT. After dismantling, sorting and testing, the (reusable) components are returned on the market.
• Advice on legislation and regulations. Thanks to years of (market) knowledge and experience, we can provide our clients with adequate advice on e.g. the European WEEE regulation.

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