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B&A stands for Before (advice) and After (aftercare). We are your specialist in emergency power systems. Our engineers have a professional hands-on mentality and many years of experience in designing, installing, maintaining, testing and commissioning of switch / control panels, transformers, emergency power units and UPS / no-break systems.

Within B&A a distinction is made between both B&A Services and B&A Projects. Both companies focus on a specific discipline within the emergency power world.

B&A Services focuses on both preventive and corrective maintenance of your emergency power system. This includes 24/7 availability, modifications and renovations, inspections and temporary rental of emergency installations. In addition, we have a high level of knowledge and we are happy to share this knowledge through practical training.

B&A Services has built up an excellent reputation within the emergency power world by being a reliable partner in maintaining emergency power systems.

B&A Projects originated from B&A Services and is an importer of various quality brands and sells and supplies emergency power systems according to your wishes. As a separate product, as an adapted product or as a coördinated product combination with accessories. We naturally make product selections based on the long-term management philosophy. The character of our company assures you that we can offer flexibility and practical solutions like no other.

• Consulting, Designing, Building
• Testing (loadbank/batteries)
• Commisioning, Inspection (Scios), Revision genset
• Modification ups/genset, Genset 10-4MVA
• UPS-systems, DC breaker systems
• Bypass panels, Fuel installation
• Control systems (PLC, SDMO, Woodward, Deepsea) • Training, Rental

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B&A Projects

3991 CL Vleugelboot 28 - 30, Houten

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