With more than 700 connectivity providers in 290+ data centres across 24+ countries, Interxion: A Digital Realty Company provides communities of connectivity, cloud and content hubs. As part of Digital Realty, customers now have access to 47+ metros across 6 continents.

Our significant global footprint enables you to expand your reach geographically, provides you the proximity needed for latency sensitive applications, and offers interconnection on a global scale.

We have combined comprehensive data centre services and expertise, interconnection, real estate acumen, and financial strength to create unique power of choice and value when and where you need it.

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Amsterdam 1 - 4

1042 AC Gyroscoopweg 58-60, Amsterdam

Amsterdam 3 (Schiphol-Rijk)

1119 NJ Cessnalaan 1-33, Schiphol-Rijk

Amsterdam 5 (Schiphol Rijk)

1119 PA Tupolevlaan 101, Schiphol-Rijk

Amsterdam 6 (Schiphol-Rijk)

1119 NB Koolhovenlaan 25, Schiphol-Rijk

Amsterdam 7 (Schiphol-Rijk)

1119 NL Cessnalaan 50, Schiphol-Rijk

Amsterdam 8 (Schiphol-Rijk)

1119 NX Pudongweg 37, Schiphol-Rijk

Amsterdam 9 (Science Park)

1098 XG Science Park 121, Amsterdam

Amsterdam 10 (Schiphol-Rijk)

1119 NX Pudongweg 25, Schiphol-Rijk

Amsterdam 15/16 (Hoofddorp)

2132 PW De President Business Park, Jan Wijsmullerdreef 10, Hoofddorp

Amsterdam 17 (Science Park)

1098 XG Science Park 120, Amsterdam

Amsterdam 18

1096 AM Amstel Business Park, H.J.E. Wenckenbachweg 127, Amsterdam

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