Datacenter Fryslân

DataCenter Fryslân opened the doors of its first location (DCF1) in 2008, where 225 m2 was available. A second location (DCF2) was opened in 2014, located in the data center of the former Friesland Bank, which offers 175 m2. Both locations can be expanded to a total of 400 square meters of floor space. The locations are approximately two kilometers apart. There is a redundant fiberglass ring between the two with 48 fibers currently expanding with a further 96 fibers. The second data center location can be used as an independent data center location, but is very suitable for use as a backup. This is also called the twin data center concept.

DataCenter Fryslân focuses primarily on the regional market. Companies and governments from the region place their data there, however also local IT companies use the data centers for their customers. Depending on their wishes, customers choose from “standard availability” to “ultra high availability”. An availability guarantee of 99.998 percent applies to both data centers. DCF1 uses 2N Cooling and 2N power supply in the rack. There is also an N + 1 electrical installation. DCF2 uses N + 1 Cooling, 2N power supply in the rack and N + 1 Electrical installation. The data centers have a connection to the local energy grid of 10,000 Volts which is included in a separate medium voltage ring. Both data centers are on a different medium voltage ring and have their own emergency power supply. There is also fire detection with non-corrosive automatic extinguishing. 

The buildings are accessible 24 × 7 and are constantly monitored. Visitors are identified and registered at all entrance doors and gates. Biometric access control is used for this. Protection of the site is done with intrusion detection.

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DataCenter Fryslân 1

8914 BC François Haverschmidtwei 3, Leeuwarden

DataCenter Fryslân 2

8912 AK Archimedesweg 3, Leeuwarden

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