Unhindered supply of energy, emergency power supplies with an enormous capacity, a high level of security and extensive possibilities in the field of connectivity. The media towers of Cellnex, formerly known as Alticom, are built from their original capacity and function to always work. Because of this, they simultaneously offer the perfect building blocks for data centers with the highest uptime levels.

Originally, Cellnex’s media towers made the broadcasting of television, radio and mobile communication possible. The towers are still essential for the services of mobile telecom operators and broadcasting operators. They also play an elementary role in the Dutch emergency infrastructure. Meanwhile, they have proven to be the ultimate environment for secure data storage and offer innovative possibilities for edge computing.


Cellnex Media Gateway

1217 ZC Koos Postemalaan 2, Hilversum

Datacenter Alphen aan den Rijn

2404 HE Energieweg 4, Alphen aan den Rijn

Datacenter Amsterdam

1083 HN Barbara Strozzilaan 251, Amsterdam

Datacenter Den Haag

2595 BK Louise Henriëttestraat 385, Den Haag

Datacenter Eys

6287 NE Eyserbosweg 27, Eys

Datacenter Gemert

5425 PB Hemelsbleekweg 15, De Mortel

Datacenter Goes

4463 AK Cornelisweg 10, Goes

Datacenter Haarlem

2031 BH A. Hofmanweg 1, Haarlem

Datacenter Hilversum

1217 AM Witte kruislaan 47A, Hilversum

Datacenter Hoogersmilde

9423 VB Van veenstraat 24, Hoogersmilde

Datacenter IJsselstein

3401 RS Hogebiezendijk 21, IJsselstein

Datacenter Ittervoort

6014 CB Hunsel/Branskamp 16, Ittervoort

Datacenter Lelystad

8244 PA Oostvaardersdijk 2, Lelystad

Datacenter Loon op Zand

5175 NW Finantien 4, Loon op Zand

Datacenter Maastricht

6215 XZ Trichterbaan 170, Maastricht

Datacenter Markelo

7475 PX Larenseweg 58, Markelo

Datacenter Megen

5368 LB Ravensteinsedijk 2A, Megen

Datacenter Mierlo

5731 CJ Torenweg 1, Mierlo

Datacenter Roermond

6041 NK Op de meuleberg 7, Roermond

Datacenter Roosendaal

4707 HP Melis Stokelaan 25, Roosendaal

Datacenter Rotterdam

3088 GG Anthony Fokkerweg 40, Rotterdam

Datacenter Tjerkgaast

8522 MV Gaestdyk 3, Tjerkgaast

Datacenter Ugchelen

7339 GZ Otterloseweg 110 a/p, Ugchelen

Datacenter Wormer

1531 ME Eenhoornweg 1, Wormer

Datacenter Zwolle

8034 PP Bergkloosterweg 62, Zwolle

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