Statement by Google about their plans in the Netherlands

Statement by Google about their plans in the Netherlands

“While we have no further announcements for expansions in the Netherlands at the moment, we have never said that we would not build in the Netherlands in the future.

Google is committed to the Netherlands, and that has not changed since we started building in Groningen in 2014.

Our total infrastructure investment in the Netherlands stands at €2.5 billion. We announced last December that our datacenter in Middenmeer is operational. In addition, our current extension in Groningen is under construction and is expected to be completed shortly. Last week, we announced a €45 million investment for the construction of a new sustainable water project in Groningen.

In Middenmeer, we first approached a 4 building design, but these original plans were altered some time ago which is normal in this business.

The data center industry is continually evolving, with technology and design changing very fast. We decided that we had to revise our plans based on emerging designs and technologies.

We are committed to a future in the Netherlands, and if we have something new to announce we’ll be in touch for sure.”



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