Municipality of Haarlemmermeer announces new data center policy

Municipality of Haarlemmermeer announces new data center policy

Today, the temporary construction stop for data centers in the Haarlemmermeer has taken a major step towards an end result.

Yesterday the Haarlemmermeer College approved the provisional new policy.

What follows is a six-week consultation phase. After this period, the renewed, updated version will be submitted to the city council for a final endorsement.

The DDA is pleased that the policy has come through this phase and is confidently looking forward to the City Council’s judgment after the summer.

See the full message here below.

Board of Haarlemmermeer endorses new data center policy

With a clear growth path for the future of the industry, the Haarlemmermeer policy plans ahead until 2030

June 11, Amsterdam – Today, the Haarlemmermeer Board decided to agree to the main points of the new Haarlemmermeer data center policy. In this policy, the commission specifically designates a number of business parks as areas where data centers can establish and expand. All other business parks and lands such as rural areas or residential areas are excluded. In addition, the municipality is committed to moderate growth and concentration of data centers until 2030. After 2030, there will no longer be space available in the municipality for data centers. Until now, the municipality lacked tools to determine where data centers are allowed to locate. With this data center policy, the municipality keeps a grip on the construction of data centers.


Data centers are indispensable facilities in our society. Everything that happens online can be traced back to a data center. In addition, data centers offer a location factor that is highly regarded internationally. Our data traffic will increase significantly in the coming years. Companies will digitize rapidly. “Given the economic importance and the growth ambition of the sector, this policy is urgently needed. Because the college considers spatial quality of great importance, we have included strict conditions for the establishment of data centers in our municipality. Only the most innovative, sustainable and green data centers are welcome”, says Alderman Marja Ruigrok (Economic Affairs and Innovation).


With the endorsement of the Haarlemmermeer Board, a six week consultation period begins. After these six weeks, the updated version of the policy will be submitted to the Haarlemmermeer council. After the summer, the council will hopefully give its final approval to the new policy.


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