IAE publishes new research on the global energy use of Data Centres

IAE publishes new research on the global energy use of Data Centres
The IAE, International Energy Agency, has this week published their yearly update about on the global energy use of Data Centres and Data Transmission Networks. 
They see that global internet traffic surged by almost 40% between February and mid-April 2020, driven by growth in video streaming, video conferencing, online gaming, and social networking. This growth comes on top of rising demand for digital services over the past decade: since 2010, the number of internet users worldwide has doubled while global internet traffic has grown 12-fold. 
Rapid improvements in energy efficiency have helped to limit energy demand growth from data centres and data transmission networks, which each accounted for around 1% of global electricity use in 2019. Strong government & industry together efforts on energy efficiency, renewables procurement, and Research, Development and Deployment are necessary to limit growth in energy demand and emissions over the next decade.

Source: IEA. All Rights Reserved

Read the full report here:



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