Evaluation Guide: How to Choose a Network Monitoring Tool – by Park Place Technologies

Evaluation Guide: How to Choose a Network Monitoring Tool – by Park Place Technologies

Park Place Technologies provides a wide range of data centre hardware services through a unique and fully integrated approach called DMSO (Discover, Monitor, Support, Optimize) that works across the entire IT infrastructure including cloud computing environments. This combination of integrated management, across multiple layers, streamlines operations and delivers the agility needed to support today’s complex business needs.

Making certain that a business network is up, running, and supporting services is the enabler of daily operations. This is especially relevant in today’s remote work-dominated environment, largely brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Every business requires tools that provide network status, keep services operating, ensures sufficient capacity and simplifies the management of complex technology environments.  All of this must drive Uptime for IT infrastructures worldwide.


Park Place Technologies’ new whitepaper, “Evaluation Guide: How to Choose a Network Monitoring Tool,” is a guide through this process, discussing:

  • The Network Monitoring Market, exploring solutions such as Traditional Network Monitoring, Flow Analysis Tools, and Application Dependency Mapping and Application Performance Tools
  • Network Monitoring features admins can’t do without and how can organization can decide which type is right for their needs
  • Preparing for the buying process, including how to choose a Network Monitoring Tool, with an invaluable Network Monitoring Solution Checklist

Founded in 1991, Park Place Technologies’ global reach supports over 21,500 clients across 110,000+ data centers in over 154 countries. Our one-of-a-kind follow-the-sun support model includes a global supply chain, certified engineers, multi-vendor technology experts and our Enterprise Operations Center can address everything from a hardware failure to a network outage.

Download the Evaluation Guide here


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