Hessam Seifi (DC Pro): ‘We get to meet new people at the events of DDA’

Hessam Seifi (DC Pro): ‘We get to meet new people at the events of DDA’

Partners of the DDA contribute to the digital ecosystem of the Netherlands through their services. Whether it’s providing cooling and security services, innovative power solutions, or offering legal advice, they work with data centers to ensure that the digital infrastructure runs smoothly every day. This time, DC Pro: a design and advisory firm specializing in critical facilities and infrastructures.

DC Pro has been a partner of the DDA since 2021. The Amsterdam-based design and advisory firm provides technical support and provides tailor-made designs for data centers (colocation, hyperscale, enterprise) and other business-critical facilities. Hessam Seifi, director and founder of DC Pro, talks about why they became partners of the DDA. “DC Pro was founded in 2020 and as a start-up it was certainly difficult to build a network during the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the DDA, we could meet new people within the data center industry through the events. In addition, you also learn more about the latest developments in our sector.”

Amsterdam important data hub

DC Pro has already been involved in several projects abroad. Seifi looks at more opportunities in the Netherlands with a positive outlook. “We have a specialized team that can create custom-made designs for data centers. Amsterdam is the place to be in this regard as the city has been an important data hub for Europe and the rest of the world.”

Hessam Seifi

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