Datacenter Infrastructure Management: Important Considerations beyond Power and Other Low-Hanging Fruit

Datacenter Infrastructure Management: Important Considerations beyond Power and Other Low-Hanging Fruit

The ability to calculate power-usage efficiency (PUE), reduce spending on power and cooling, and eliminate inefficiencies and waste have been a key selling point of many datacenter infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions. However, the power-centric benefits are just the starting point of a number of advantages gained from a well-managed physical infrastructure. A successful DCIM deployment will reduce the overall cost of IT. DCIM can reduce spending on IT assets, the resources consumed to power and cool those assets, and the amount spent on maintenance. These savings can be shifted to projects that help the organization innovate and provide exceptional service to its customers. In addition, having a single and trusted version of the truth regarding datacenter assets is essential for audits, compliance, capacity planning, and strategic planning on decisions about where and how computing should be performed based on costs per workload. In selecting a DCIM solution, organizations should consider all aspects of the solution, from the fidelity of the representations of the gear, to the inner workings of the specific DCIM solution. This will include a number of architectural and less-apparent factors such as the database structure, method of integration with other management solutions, and the depth of workflow management.

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Nlyte has also written a ‘Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) For Dummies’ E-book. This book explains the importance of DCIM, describes the key components of a modern DCIM system, guides you in the selection of the right DCIM solution for your particular needs, and gives you a step-by-step formula for a successful DCIM implementation. Because this is a For Dummies book, you can be sure that it’s easy to read and has touches of humor.

Download the ‘Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) For Dummies’ E-book here.


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