Data center industry in the Netherlands relies on powerful ecosystem of suppliers

Data center industry in the Netherlands relies on powerful ecosystem of suppliers

Amsterdam – The Netherlands has a rich and strong ecosystem that revolves around the data center industry. To get a clear and concise overview of all services, products and expertises that this ecosystem has to offer, the Dutch Data Center Association (DDA) publishes the ‘Ecosystem Guide 2019’, which gives you the right tools to make the best decision suitable for your organization.

In the process of building a data center in the Netherlands, a lot of vital choices have to be made and a lot of important steps have to be taken. The essence of a data center is that it is able to run 24 x 7 without flaws. In order to achieve this, data centers rely on a perfect ecosystem of leading suppliers in technology and services. 

The Dutch ecosystem houses a variation of high quality suppliers. For example, many organizations are specialized in the initial phase to secure financing, planning and design activities. Secondly, some suppliers solely focus on building and renewing, ranging from power solutions and cooling services to connectivity services. And when the data center is in full operation, suppliers assist data centers in running their data center from maintenance and cleaning services to legal advice and security services.

Stijn Grove, Managing Director of the Dutch Data Center Association, is very proud that so many strong partners have decided to connect to the association: . “For us as an association it is very important to have a strong partner network. Without it, the Dutch Data Center industry wouldn’t have grown into such a strong global data center hub.” Grove says.“This perfect support ecosystem of planning, building and running data centers locally has vastly contributed to the enormous growth and strong professionalization of the data center industry in the Netherlands”.

In order to provide a clear overview of this supporting ecosystem, the Dutch Data Center Association has published a manual and reference work of all suppliers affiliated with the DDA. The ‘Ecosystem Guide 2019’ outlines each supplier and their services. In this manual, suppliers are arranged into a clear and structured landscape. The landscape distributes the suppliers into the three different stages; plan, build and organize.

Download the Ecosystem Guide here

Interested in the the data centers affiliated with the DDA? Visit the participants overview on the website.


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