Commscope joins the DDA to work together with the industry on the future of data centers

Commscope joins the DDA to work together with the industry on the future of data centers

The emergence of technologies like 5G and AI play an important role in the continuous digitalization of our society. Data centers are the fundament of our digital society and are a key element in the realization of 5G, AI and IoT. These technologies also form key steps along the data center’s expansion trajectory, and will lay the foundation for 800G, 1,6T schemes, and more.

CommScope pushes the boundaries of technology to create the world’s most advanced wired and wireless networks. In order to be part of the conversation about the future of data centers, CommScope joins the Dutch Data Center Association as partner.

Data center trends in 2021

“Accommodating remote workers and customers, making facilities safer and more efficient, and driving higher performance: these will be the hallmarks of data center trends in 2021. Many companies that told workers to stay home, have adopted remote working policies that rely on cloud-based applications, while retailers are following the lead of industry giants like Amazon and Alibaba in shifting sales tools to the cloud,” says Rogier den Boer, director of Enterprise Infrastructure for Benelux, CommScope. “This trend will only accelerate irrespective of what the post pandemic work place looks like,  and multitenant data centers (MTDCs) can fully take advantage of their location at the edge of the network, as well as proximity to areas of dense population. Given the Netherlands is known as the Digital Gateway to Europe, due to its large concentration of data centers, CommScope will continue to collaborate with the Dutch Data Centre Association to promote national growth opportunities and development of the sector.”

Stijn Grove, Managing Director of the Dutch Data Center Association, confirms the growing role of data centers in society and the importance of a strong digital infrastructure. “We’re excited to welcome Commscope as new member to the DDA. CommScope’s services are an important link in the digital infrastructure, that forms the foundation of our digital economy and society of the future. In order for data centers to continue delivering fast and reliant services, a good infrastructure of networks is needed. We believe Commscope is a great addition to our network in delivering these services.”

The future of our digital infrastructure

As networks ramp up their support for 5G and IoT, IT managers are focusing their efforts on the edge and the increasing need to locate more capacity. From rollable ribbon fiber cables to 400GE optical transceivers – network providers are developing futureproof solutions that will help to lead the way to a future of seamless end-to-end connectivity at every touchpoint.  Whether an organisation is focused on the edge, a hyperscaler, a multi-tenant provider or a system integrator, there is plenty of room for everybody as the industry continues to grow. CommScope is always looking at what’s next and what’s at the forefront of the ever-evolving data center landscape and preparing for migration to higher speeds.



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