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DCD London

DCD London

From COVID-19 to climate change, what role is Europe’s data center industry playing in recovery and response?

Data centers and the cloud are in the public eye more than ever before as the pandemic has demonstrated society’s almost total reliance on digital infrastructure and capacity demands are going through the roof. The major players from across Europe’s data center ecosystem will come together for a definitive conversation about the future of the industry at DCD>London. Questions that will be asked:

  • How will future capacity requirements fit with the European Green Deal and the transition to a low carbon economy?
  • Will the COVID-19 pandemic precipitate a rapid expansion of edge across Europe?
  • Are the economics of the data center industry shifting and if so, where to?

The 19th annual event will now be virtual! DCD London is broadcasting on 10-12 November, with a programme focused on European innovation, that will engage an anticipated audience of more than 2,500 professionals on a fully interactive digital experience.

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