DGMR announced as new partner of trade association Dutch Data Center Association (DDA)

In January 2019, DGMR became the brand new partner of the Dutch Data Center Association (DDA), trade organization for data centers in the Netherlands. For DGMR, an engineering and consultancy firm that helps national and international organizations to realize a data center in the Netherlands, it was the logical next step.

“The Dutch Data Center Association represents a large part of the DGMR target group. In our opinion, a partnership therefore leads to an enrichment of knowledge,” explains Doede Wessels, partner and consultant at DGMR. By joining the DDA, DGMR can support the participants in planning and decision-making processes for the realization of their data centers. DGMR has extensive knowledge on national laws and regulations, analyzes these for business situation optimization and creates opportunities for future development.

Stijn Grove, Managing Director of the DDA: “The Netherlands is one of the largest and most prosperous data center countries in the world, thanks to its excellent connectivity and the attractive and stable business climate. It is therefore no surprise that large international parties choose to establish their HQs and data centers in our country, and the national players also continue to grow and expand steadily. Being able to move quickly in the fast, dynamic data center market is essential and DGMR is, with their expertise, an obvious candidate to guide these parties in this. We therefore welcome them in our network with open arms.”


Faster online

For several data centers in the Netherlands, DGMR advised on both permitting procedures such as building, zoning and environmental as well as EU-ETS procedures. By having this process in order in an early stage, data centers can be operational as quickly as possible. In this process, DGMR does not only take into account the differences between the environmental and spatial planning, it also takes into account the cultural differences among foreign clients.

“As an engineering and consultancy company, we combine quality with creativity. We do look beyond the limits of possibilities and think along with our clients for optimal and integrated solutions. With our knowledge of the procedures for an environmental permit and our professional knowledge about, for example, noise, air quality, fire safety and energy, we support our clients, from due diligence and design to completion and the commissioning of the data center, according to Doede Wessels.

For more information on DGMR’s activities, download the whitepaper “Faster Online”.


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DGMR is an independent agency that seeks out the boundaries of possibilities, off the beaten path. Together with our clients, we are happy to take on the challenge to contrive options of lasting value. With great emphasis on sustainability, safety and health.