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Prevention for electrical life safety equipment in buildings

Prevention for electrical life safety equipment in buildings

The safety of people inside buildings is an essential element, including the power supplies for fire-fighting equipment. This critical equipment is on “standby” most of the time, but it must always be operational in case of an emergency. The concepts of prevention are therefore fundamental to ensure the safety of people at all times.

Agenda :

– Impacts of “eco-responsible” building in terms of safety

– Maintenance of security equipment: traditional and digital

– Digital security

– Fire prevention with residual current monitoring (RCM)

– Optimisation of verification costs (Chapt. 6 of IEC 60364)

Speaker : François Legrand has acquired more than 23 years of experience in the fields of electricity and automation, mainly for the distribution, management and monitoring of energy in the continuous process industries, the most demanding industries in terms of energy availability and reliability. He joined Socomec France in 2018, being part of the specification and segment development team, with a specific focus on critical applications.

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