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Data Center Trends in Europe – Part 3: Trends in Digital Infrastructure Investments

The data center business has been growing with double digit numbers for many years. Due to outsourcing from smaller to larger data centers, the increased use of Cloud and now COVID-19 has accelerated these trends even more. Digital infrastructure investments are taking over the role of traditional infrastructure in where funds goto. With our economy and society becoming more digital, investing in the infrastructure that makes this work is becoming safest.

We will discuss trends in this area with 4 experts on how this will develop in 2021 and beyond:
• What are the main markets of interest?
• How will they see that the data hubs continue to grow?
• Will they become even bigger?
• What are the main risks?
• What are the new metro markets?
• How do they see Edge?
• What will be the long term effect of Brexit?
• What will be the effect of the increasing call for EU sovereignty?

• Stijn Grove, Dutch Data Center Association
• Roland Broch, eco – Association of the Internet Industry

Investment Experts
• Frank de Fremery, AC Nielssen
• Timo Buijs, ABN AMRO Bank N.V.
• Nico Grove, Kapena GmbH
• Gerd J. Simon, Independent Managing Consultant

The new webinars from the eco Association offer you a practical and structured overview of the important developments and current trends around digitalization. Further information, dates, and topics can be found on the eco academy website.

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