AAF International joins forces with trade organization Dutch Data Center Association

AAF International, the world’s largest manufacturer of air filtration solutions, today announces its partnership with the Dutch Data Center Association (DDA), the trade organization that unites leading data centers in the Netherlands and promotes the data center sector to government, media and society. By means of the partnership, both parties aim to further strengthen data center performance.

“Any business would agree that advanced, smoothly running equipment is essential for its performance,” states Stijn Grove, Director at DDA. “The capital-intensive data center industry in particular is highly dependent on its machinery. Hereby, a longer lifespan naturally results in lower cost. Air filtration plays a vital role when it comes to durability, as it will prevent dust and harmful particles to damage the various apparatus. We therefore gladly announce AAF International as our new partner, a global leader in the area of air filtration.”


Air filtration solutions since 1921

Already in 1921, William Reed, founder of AAF International, recognized the importance of clean air to human health, process performance and the global environment. Based on its strong heritage, R&D investments and broad industry perspective, AAF has gained significant expertise in air filtration solutions, and aims to offer the best indoor air quality at the lowest energy consumption. Today, AAF employs 5.500 people worldwide and operations are carried out on all continents around the globe through branch offices and distributors. Its global headquarters are based in Louisville (KY), USA.


IoT driven data center intelligence

Stefan Berbner, Chief Operating Officer Europe at AAF Europe: “AAF has an in-depth understanding of the challenges and opportunities for data center environments. With our new intelligent data tools we offer data center customers in depth understanding of their air handling systems’ performance and help to make the right decisions to save time and money while also reducing risk.”

Berbner specifically emphasizes AAF’s latest IoT-driven innovation: “Sensor360 is the first-to-market Internet of Things platform to connect filter efficiency with indoor air quality by tracking and communication particulate penetration levels with built-in values. This rich filtration data provides reliable insights to drive down operation costs, improve decision making, and enhance occupant satisfaction.”

For more information about AAF International, please visit www.aafeurope.com.